Welcome to the Postcode Distance Calculator

This easy to use tool enables you to find the distance of all postcodes you upload in relation to a certain point. In other words, you can see which postcodes are closest to a point you specify.

This is useful for finding out which areas contain a list of locations nearby.

Postcode distance map

Current features:

  • Free to use
  • Upload any CSV or XLSX file - as long as there's a column for the postcode, you're good to go
  • Alternatively, copy and paste the postcodes in to a text field
  • You can select the radius you'd like to use to find which postcodes are within a certain distance
  • The distance of each postcode to your central point will be available
  • You can download a spreadsheet containing all your original data, with the new distance added in

The tool is free to use for a limited time, with an generous limit on how many postcodes you can process. In a few months there will be a free and paid tier depending on the number of postcodes you're uploading per day.

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